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At The Glow Centre, we see young people from the age of 13. A number of our clinicians have special interest in and passion for working with young people, and love helping them manage their difficulties and grow.

When helping young people, we will usually involve their family if possible. Family-based approaches and family involvement in the therapeutic process (when possible) tend to work best with young people, and improve outcomes.

What to expect when your child is seeing a therapist at The Glow Centre

The initial session with your child will probably involve seeing you and your child together for most of the session. Subsequent sessions will usually involve seeing your child alone, with time at the beginning or the end of the session with you to provide updates, talk about progress and plans, and so on.

We try to maintain confidentiality about what your child discusses in therapy as much as possible, as children need to have a private space where they can freely express their thoughts and ideas without the scrutiny of parents. However our policy is that confidentiality must be broken if a child threatens to harm themself or others. You child’s safety is our priority.

If you have given permission (verbal or written) to talk with a third party, such as a GP or school, we will discuss any relevant issues with them.

If you would like extra time to talk to your child’s therapist outside of the scheduled session with your child, you must book a session with the therapist. These sessions will be billed privately and no Medicare rebates are available as per Medicare guidelines.

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What to expect when your child is seeing a therapist at The Glow Centre

Adolescence is a time of growth and development of one’s sense of self and identity. In therapy, teenagers are usually more concerned with privacy than younger children. We encourage teenagers to share a review of the counselling session with you. However, we do respect their right to share only to the extent that they are comfortable in doing so. If there are any safety concerns for your teenager or others, we will discuss these with you as your teenager’s safety is our priority.

Please note: when there are parenting orders in place, administration and clinical staff of The Glow Centre will apply and uphold orders. Please provide us with copies of any parenting orders that are in place.

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